Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CoRE Action Team Report

  • CoRE (Community Resource Exchange) Action Team
    Activity Report

    The CoRE Action Team was formed at the Goldendale Horizons Action Forum on Saturday 2/24/07. Its goal is to enhance communication and mutual aid among the people of the Goldendale community by developing a community information exchange center(s). The CoRE service area includes the city of Goldendale, the remainder of zip code 98620 and zip code 98613 (Centerville).


    Web Site - A web site will be established that contains links to services, goods and events in the service area.
    *A data base of links to resources, tagged with potential link categories has been created. *As of 5/29/07 there were 275 resources listed in the data base. Expansion of the list is ongoing.
    *Definition of link categories is in work.
    *Definition of host requirements is in work.
    *Selection of a free server to host the web site is in work.

    Yahoo Group - A Yahoo group will be established that will serve as a 'Forum for Community Dialog'.
    *A Yahoo Group called goldendalechats has been created.
    *This is a moderated group. All posts to goldendalechats must be approved by the moderator.
    *Ground rules have been established to define acceptable input.
    *Nine members of the Team have accepted invitations to join the group. Expansion of the membership base must be accomplished.
    *The Yahoo Group format includes folders for web links, data bases, calendars and other functions. Input to these folders is to be determined.
    *There are currently no discussions in progress.

    Bulletin Board - A bulletin board will be set up to serve those who have no or limited internet access and those who are uncomfortable with computer usage.
    *A bulletin board has been donated to the team for this purpose.
    *Refurbishing of this bulletin board is in work.
    *Two sites - Coyote Coffee Shop and The General Store - have been selected for the display. The bulletin board will be alternated between these two sites biweekly.
    *A format for information display has been defined. One side will contain lists of contact information for community services, goods and events. The other side will contain posts by members of the community. Bulletin board contents will be updated and maintained by the CoRE Team Bulletin Board Committee.

    Publicity - A publicity committee has been established to advertise the services offered by the CoRE Action Team.
    *Research on ways to advertise the Community Resource Exchange on the radio, in the newspaper and on community bulletin boards has been done.
    *Discussion on advertising content is on going.