Tuesday, July 4, 2006

WorkSource: Central Washington

You can visit the WorkSource centers directly. Select the location below to learn about contacting them, and what you will find when you visit them:

* WorkSource Columbia Gorge
* WorkSource Goldendale Affiliate
* WorkSource Sunnyside
* WorkSource Toppenish Affiliate
* WorkSource Yakima
* WorkSource Kittitas

* WorkSource Central Washington

Our Vision

The OneStop Workforce Partnership of Central Washington will…

1. Be Customer / Consumer Driven
2. Utilize Integrated Technology Systems
3. Have Accessibility, i.e. Easy Access (also for special needs) and be easily
4. Share Resources and Current, Updated Information
5. Emphasize Co-Ownership and Interdependency Between Partners
6. Be Outcome Based, Using Quality Improvement Strategies
7. Each Partner Organization will offer Access to Identified Levels of Core

Our Mission

To provide an effective, comprehensive, and fully integrated delivery system of services for successful employment. To bring together business, economic development, employment, training, education, labor, and social services to share responsibility for universal access and workforce development. To share resources to increase service delivery capacity and efficiency, and provide access to information and services across organizational lines.

Membership to the OneStop Workforce Partnership of Central Washington is open to all interested parties. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the partnership should submit a letter of interest to the full membership,

What Services are available?

There is a dependable menu of services that may be directly offered at one or more locations:

For the Job Seeker...

* Resource Room - FREE access to computers, phones, fax machines, copiers, and Internet, all for your use in resume writing and job search activities.
* Job Search Assistance - Let our staff and resources help match you with a job suited to your skills and career needs.
* Workshops - Several FREE workshops are available. Topics include writing effective resumes, interviewing, dressing for success, financial planning, and more.
* Unemployment Insurance Information - You can file a claim for unemployment insurance simply by dialing 1-800-362-4636. More information is available at gotoui.com, or from our WorkSource centers.
* Recruitments and Job Fairs - Many businesses come directly to us to fill their hiring needs. Make sure we have your resume, so that we can call on you when those opportunities arise. And watch for information about job fairs in your area.
* Career counseling and assessment - Our experienced staff can help you determine what sort of career you are best suited for, and what you can do to advance to an even better job.
* Transitional assistance (dislocated workers) - If you have lost your job because of a lay-off or business closure, let us help get you back into the working world as quickly and as successfully as possible. We may even be able to help finance your training for a new career.
* Information on job trends and labor market data
* Veterans services
* Help in finding federal or state dollars to cover some or all of the costs of training
* Information about employment and training providers to help you make informed choices
* employer assistance through recruitment and pre-screening of applicants

For the business / employer...

* Automated or assisted job posting
* Recruitment and pre-screening of applicants.
* Unemployment Insurance information - how to reduce your premium burden.
* Information on wages, benefits and labor market data
* Infomation about state taxes.
* Human Resources - Let our staff augment, or act as your HR Department.
* Tax Credits - There are many ways you can earn significant tax credits, while training new employees to fill your open positions.
* Customized training - Need special training for your employees, so you can grow your business and stay competitive? Contact us for information about how we can help.

These services are offered by a number of partner organizations who participate in this one-stop system. The cooperation among these partners makes the blend of these services seamless to you, the customer.

Where are the access points?

You will find many of these services, and/or information on how to access them in person, here on our website.